Nothing can beat the thrill of live entertainment at your corporate, commercial or private event! Studio Jet van Dijk has the mission to amaze all your guests and keep them talking about the incredible entertainment for years to come!


Studio Jet van Dijk is the number one agency for your event! We have an enormous selection of live entertainment, stunning performers and unique acts. Also, our database of professional makeup artists and hair stylists are ready to perform whenever, wherever you need them to be!


We’re innovative in creating exclusive costumes for all clients and everything is possible! So no matter the size of your event or the atmosphere you wish to create, Studio Jet van Dijk is the best fit for your production!




Zwartewaalstraat 28

3083 SB, Rotterdam



+316 - 48 77 91 17



Studio Jet van Dijk is an all-round entertainment agency. Our mission is to create exclusive entertainment, handmade costumes and breath-taking performances for your individual event.


We have an extensive database of makeup artists and hair stylists to ensure the ‘best fit’ for your production. Do you want to know all our possibilities? Give us a call or send us an e-mail!

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